Dr Sally's Botanicals - The Story & Ethos

Who is Dr Sally?
The journey started in France 20 years ago, working as a nanny before medical school Dr Sally became fascinated by the world of medicinal plants and herbs. After qualifying as a medical doctor her interest in other healing traditions grew, and she qualified as a medical herbalist in 2004, spending the next 15 years training and studying with experts while building up a busy and successful clinic, Orchard Barn Health.
Our Promise to you

After seeing such positive benefits to patients we launched Dr Sally's Botanicals in 2021, based on formulations developed in the clinic we were able to share these amazing products off the shelf.  Our promise to all Dr Sally customers is quality we only use professional grade, ethically grown and organic herbs, our herbal teas use bio-degradable tea temples, allowing the phytonutrients within the herbs to fully infuse, releasing their nourishing and supportive herbal actions on body and mind.  Our biodynamic organic herbal tonics are made from the gold standard in a dosage designed for effectiveness.


We care for you and our environment

Throughout our clinic and product range we only use organic herbs in our plastic free biodegradable tea temples. Boxed in plant based biodegradable bags and cardboard eco ink printed boxes.  Our tonics are delivered in glass bottles which can be recycled in store or by your local recycling centre.  All our energy is provided by renewable sources and our premises are cleaned using only eco cleaning products.

Reusable Tea Temples

Each of our tea temples have 2 grams of professional grade organic herbs designed to fully infuse and deliver the greatest flavour and benefits possible. Tea temples can be reused up to 3 times or make a large pot and sip throughout the day.

Our Friendly Team

We are a family business and all of our team are fully trained via the Dr Sally's Botanicals Academy and are able to advise on the use of Dr Sally's Botanicals herbal products, so pop into one of our stores to find out more.

The power of nature to you, one delicious sip at a time....